I am a certified Life Coach, Wellbeing and Fitness Specialist.

“I believe Mind and Body are interconnected both must work together simultaneously”
Certified Coach Rose Gowa MSc, BSc Life Sciences

Yoga and mindfulness online

Since 2016, Rose has worked extensively in the Fitness Industry for David Lloyd, The Gym Group, Lifestyle Fitness, Esprit Club and Ragdale Hall Spa. She has delivered one to one training, classes and day workshops in Fitness and Wellbeing.

Her passion is to help others
achieve and succeed in their lifestyle.

Specialised in Gym, Cardio and Strength fitness, Dance, Yoga, HIIT, Padwork, Kettlebells, Meditation, Breath work, Qigong, Life Coaching, NLP, Aromatherapy, Nutrition, Laughter Yoga, Reiki, Mindfulness and Relaxation techniques.

Her qualification in GP referrals means she can work with clients suffering from anxiety, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, back pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, asthma, Hypercholesterolemia, back pain, fatigue and other conditions.


To encourage freedom in expressing a happy state of being by embracing a wholeness in mind, body and essence


Promote fitness and wellbeing to allow individuals to grow recuperate, recover and get stronger respectfully. To live to be the best version of themselves

Online Personal Trainer

Mind and body are interconnected both must be trained simultaneously

Online Personal Trainer

My passion for Life Coaching, Fitness and Wellbeing explained

I strongly believe in a holistic approach to fitness as the mind and body are interconnected- both must be worked simultaneously. Transformation of the body comes with a state of mind that is determined and directed through awareness to build willpower leading to results. Working the body can have a positive drill on increased confidence, productivity, concentration and overall well being.

I am fascinated with the mind body links and instill the concept in all my clients. I am qualified in GP referrals, NLP Master Practitioner, Pilates, Dance, Nutrition and Reiki Master to offer enhanced wellbeing services. I offer life coaching too.

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during COVD-19.
Outdoor and Online sessions available
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Testimonials on Life Coaching, Fitness and Wellbeing

“Rose understood my goals and motivation and knew how to get the best from me. She made training fun and challenging. She has always been encouraging and supportive. She helped me to love fitness again.”


“Rose has a very professional manner. She knows exactly how to
motivate me. She has a very fun and disciplined approach”


“Rose is a dedicated individual. She brings out the best in people. Her empathetic style is amazing. She is exceptional in her skills. I have worked with her for 10 months and have seen the transformation.”


Yoga and mindfulness online

I am here to facilitate your journey contact me- a Certified Life Coach, Fitness and Wellbeing Specialist

The Gym Group Aylestone, Eastgate Health Centre & Uppingham Road Studio Outdoor and Online available.


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